Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory

The Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory is a new resource for consumers and industry members who want to ensure that the products they buy and sell are ethical. From fair trade to recycled to eco-friendly, the Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory connects like-minded consumers, retailers and suppliers. Read below to find out how the Directory can benefit you as a consumer or industry member.

For Consumers

These days, savvy consumers want a diamond that sparkles inside and out- that supports good business practice and sustainable development in addition to being beautiful. Unfortunately, they are often left with few options and confused by the choices presented to them.

Searching for the perfect diamond is stressful enough without having to worry about where the diamond came from. The Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory gives consumers direct access to retailers who source and produce beautiful, ethical, unique jewelry. Consumers can browse by product and ethics, and search for a jeweler in their city or region as well. The Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory connects you with jewelers who care about doing the right thing, and gives you the confidence that you spent your money wisely.

The Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory will be available online in the very near future. To make sure you are the first to know when it’s available, sign up for our email updates.

For the Industry

Market research indicates that ethical consumerism is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing. Many companies, particularly within the luxury sector, are finding tremendous success in strategic marketing of ethically sourced products. However, when it comes to diamond and jewelry products no medium exists for socially responsible companies to distinguish themselves from “greenwashers.” It is difficult for consumers and retailers to determine where to purchase or source goods that are truly “conflict-free” or “fair trade.”

The Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory provides this much needed opportunity for retail jewelers and suppliers to reach a bourgeoning market of socially conscious consumers. Through an innovative and easy to navigate design, consumers easily locate retailers based on product category, region, or sourcing method. The Directory is also a valuable resource for retailers to connect to suppliers who provide ethical diamonds, gems and precious metals.

If you are a retailer or supplier who sources or produces ethical products, apply today to become a Rapaport Ethical Jewelry Directory member. Membership includes:

– A complimentary listing in our first edition
– An opportunity to place a featured advertisement in the Directory at a special reduced rate
– A fast-tracked renewal process for membership for the first five Directory editions

Submit your application for the Ethical Jewelry Directory now. Got questions? Get in touch with us.