KP in Membership Talks With Mozambique

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RAPAPORT…   The Kimberley Process (KP) chair met Mozambique’s President
and Prime Minister to discuss the country’s bid to join the KP.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem (pictured, right) spoke with President Filipe Nyusi (left) and
Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário about measures the country needs to implement to enter the KP fold. He also met Domingos Artur, Permanent Secretary to the
Minister of Culture and Tourism, as well as the Chief of Staff of the nation’s

The discussion centered on the government’s progress toward
compliance with the KP standards. Mozambique is currently not a member but bid to
join in 2012. Local authorities have stepped up efforts to secure the candidacy
after diamonds were discovered earlier this year in the Massangena district of
the Gaza province.

“For years, the precious metals and gemstones sectors have
been among the main drivers of the country’s growth and given the challenging
economic conditions today, it is now more important than ever to extend our
support to the Mozambican leaders to help them meet the Kimberley Process
Certification Scheme requirements,” Bin Sulayem said.

The Maputo government has approved several measures that
will come into effect November 20 to bolster its chances of joining the KP.
These include the creation of a supervising agency, the Kimberley Process
Management Unit, and a “decree” that regulates diamond, precious metals and
gemstone sales.

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