KP Wants Industry to Fund Civil Society Attendance

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RAPAPORT… Diamond industry members participating in Kimberley Process
(KP) activities will be required to pay twice so that a non-profit group can
also attend, under plans put forward by the KP chair.

Anyone from the trade attending a review visit, mission or
meeting at a KP intersession or plenary will contribute matching funds, United
Arab Emirates-based KP chair Ahmed Bin Sulayem (pictured) proposed.

Diamond trade bodies typically do not contribute towards non-governmental
organizations participating despite having “significant resources,” Bin Sulayem said.

“Our position is that this is not
fair, nor an effective way of harnessing Civil Society’s unique perspective and
potential,” he added.

Bin Sulayem intends for there to be
a decision on the proposal in the final communique at the upcoming KP plenary
in Dubai November 13 to 17. It will then be adopted by the UN General Assembly
by the end of this year. Funds would be distributed in such a way that full
independence of Civil Society is maintained, he pointed out.

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