Berkshire Unit Richline Joins in Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Push

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RAPAPORT… Richline Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, joined forces with other jewelers to campaign against the illegal acquisition of wildlife and related products by the precious stones industry.

Richline, a Tamarac, Florida-based jewelry maker and marketer, teamed up with firms such as Ethical Metalsmiths, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Networks and Jewelers of America, to cut demand and supply of such products.

The drive, part of the ongoing Richline Responsible initiative, also aims at raising awareness of the wildlife trafficking crisis and support President Obama’s U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, which was launched in 2013.

“We felt it was our responsibility to help spread the word, and are thrilled to see so many key industry organizations are willing to get involved,” Mark Hanna, chief marketing officer at Richline, said in a statement. “We must raise awareness throughout the jewelry industry in order to diminish demand.”

The Richline initiative endeavors to achieve its goals by working to keep illegal wildlife products out of the jewelry industry’s supply chains, and by educating customers about the devastating impact of illegally-trafficked goods.

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