Fairtrade Gold Launches in Switzerland

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RAPAPORT… Max Havelaar Switzerland  began to offer Fairtrade gold jewelry today, joining a number of Fairtrade markets where labeled and traceable Fairtrade gold jewelry is already available. After launching in the U.K. in February 2011,  Fairtrade gold has expanded  to  Australia/New Zealand, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden,  the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Norway and Trinidad.

Amy Ross, the project manager of gold and precious metals for Fairtrade International, said,  “The fact that Fairtrade gold is now available in one of the biggest jewelry markets in the world will be a huge boost to certified miners and their communities, who will enjoy the benefits of selling more of their gold on Fairtrade terms.  At the same time, more consumers will have the option of choosing Fairtrade gold for themselves and their loved ones.  It really is the best gold story in the world.”

Fairtrade International stated that approximately 70 percent of gold refining takes place in Switzerland. The first Fairtrade gold jewelry collections by Max Havelaar Switzerland are being offered by Coop City and Christ Uhren & Schmuck, both parts of the Coop Group. The gold has been mined by Fairtrade gold mine Sotrami, which is located in southern Peru.

Fairtrade gold was developed to improve the welfare of people who operate small-scale gold-mining projects, while empowering safer working conditions, offering  fair market access to distribute and ensuring environmental protection from mining and transparency in trading.


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