RJC Recognizes Fairmined Standard 2.0

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RAPAPORT…  The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) jointly announced that Fairmined Standard v.2.0 is recognized under the RJC chain-of-custody program for precious metals.
The Fairmined initiative, developed by ARM, is a landmark mining definition for the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector with an aim to provide the incentive to become certified under the Fairmined Standard. The  initiative’s success is dependent on increasing market opportunities for miners across the pipeline and the Fairmined Standard provides brands with three different innovative sourcing models: labeled, incorporated and Fairmined certificates. 

To promote Fairmined gold, RJC — in cooperation with ARM — conducted a  compatibility review of its code of practices against the standard and  agreed to formally recognize Fairmined Standard v.2.0. The RJC recognition equally serves to help mitigate the potential impact that  conflict-mineral due diligence can have on ASM’s miners.

RJC’s chain-of-custody certified refiners can source from Fairmined certified artisanal and small-scale miners,  further integrating those gold miners into the formal economy. This initiative also builds on the recommendations of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains – Supplement on Gold that all gold supply chain participants support legitimate producers.

RJC noted that claims of gold being certified as Fairmined cannot just automatically be made — for the requirements must meet the Fairmined System. “The Fairmined Standard makes a vital contribution to the formalization and professionalization of the artisanal and small scale sector.  RJC is pleased that this recognition under the chain of custody  standard can help further promote certification of small producers and enhance market access with RJC’s certified refiners,” said Fiona Solomon, the director of standards development at RJC. 

Lina Villa-Cordoba, the executive director for ARM, said, “The RJC recognition of the Fairmined Standard opens up important market possibilities for the Fairmined certified miners and the industry. We are very pleased the efforts of the miners are recognized and invite RJC members to further support the miners by joining the Fairmined initiative through our different sourcing models.”

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