Report Examines Role of Generals in Angola’s Mining Sector

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Press Release: After a sketch of the current need for reform in the Kimberley Process for rough diamonds, the newly published BICC Focus 12 “Legacy of a resource-fueled war: The role of generals in Angola’s mining sector” scrutinizes the role that generals of the Angolan state armed forces FAA play in Angola’s mining sector to date, against the backdrop of the country’s diamond-fueled civil war.
The case focuses on the Lunda provinces, for approximately 90 percent of Angola’s diamonds are sourced from Lunda North (Lunda Norte) and Lunda South (Lunda Sul), both of which are situated in the borderlands with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
To provide a better picture, the authors Utz Ebertz and Marie Müller have divided the paper into three parts. First, a short historical introduction will trace the evolution of the present landscape of actors in the Angolan diamond sector in the course of the country’s civil war. Second, the paper sketches the current business and security network connecting the MPLA government, the generals and international businesses in the Angolan diamond sector. Third, it addresses the record of massive human rights violations in the Lundas, associated with this network of security and mining actors.
Finally, some recommendations deal with the question of how to react appropriately to the outlined situation in Angola’s diamond mining areas. They handle the issue of international leverage, with regard to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme  and more generally. As the Federal Republic of Germany is an interested economic partner to Angola in the area of infrastructure and the resource sector, the Focus also draws out possible consequences of the findings for the German government.


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