American Jewelry Design Council Members Support DDI

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Press Release: The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) is pleased to announce that members of the American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC) have joined the Friends of DDI program.
“Ethical sourcing of diamonds is of utmost importance to top designers in the U.S. and around the world,” said Dorothée Gizenga, the executive director of DDI. “As artisanally mined diamonds continue to grow as a percentage of global gem diamond production, so does DDI’s work to enhance socio-economic development opportunities on the ground in the communities where diamonds are mined artisanally, as well as for downstream actors and consumers. We are greatly encouraged by the designers’ support and the example that they set for others in the industry, who we hope will follow in supporting our efforts.”

In addition to Todd Reed, who made a leading contribution at the Millennium Star level, other members of the AJDC that have become Friends of DDI to date include Alishan, Barbara Heinrich Studio, Diana Vincent, George Sawyer, Jane Bohan, John Iverson, Mark Patterson, Mark Schneider, Michael Bondanza, Pascal Lacroix, Susan Helmich and Susan Sadler.

Reed said, “I am very impressed with the work the DDI is doing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am proud to support them and their efforts and to feel good about this call to action. It is fantastic to have so many members of the AJDC supporting the DDI.”

DDI brings the jewelry and the diamond industry, non-governmental organizations and governments together in a common effort that aims to ensure that diamonds are an engine for positive economic and social development in communities where diamonds are sourced in Africa and South America.

The AJDC is a non-profit educational corporation that recognizes and promotes the understanding of original jewelry designs as art.

More information on DDI is available at:
About DDI: The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) International and DDI Canada are registered as non-profit charitable organizations in the United States and Canada respectively. Our US 501(c)(3) Tax ID EIN number is 51-0616171 and DDI Canada’s charitable registration number in Canada is 84188 3606 RR0001. DDI’s executive office is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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