WFDB Contributes to the Diamond Development Initiative

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Press Release: The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)  made a financial donation to the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) in support of the work they do amongst artisanal miners.

This announcement was made by the president of the WFDB,  Ernie Blom, following  the recent WFDB Exco meeting held in Antwerp. Blom serves on the DDI’s advisory group, interacting with Ian Smillie, the chairman of the board, and in so doing represents the WFDB in this initiative going forward.

The DDI brings NGO’s, governments and the private sector together in a bid to ensure that diamonds serve as an engine for development. The aim of the DDI is to find sustainable methods of ensuring that diamonds are mined and distributed for the benefit of local communities and local governments in Africa and South America where 1.5 million artisanal diamond diggers work in often unsafe and unsanitary conditions with a further 10 million others depending on them.

The WFDB believes they can add value to the DDI and look forward to working with this organization in the future.

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