Attawapiskat Residents Vow to Continue Ice Road Blockade

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RAPAPORT… De Beers Canada has reportedly warned Attawapiskat resident John Edwards that they will seek an injunction against him and others if their blockade of the ice road leading to Victor mine is not discontinued. APTN news reported that the blockade that was set up Sunday, the second one in two weeks, is preventing the annual shipment of supplies over the seasonal ice road and is now causing financial hardship to the Victor mine. Numerous area residents have joined the blockade this week.

De Beers representatives have been meeting with Attawapiskat residents nearly every day since Monday. APTN reported that some families are seeking compensation for the loss of their traditional territory due to the ice road and Victor mine. Others joined the blockade urging De Beers to fund community housing  or due to personal grievances related to previous De Beers employment issues and pay.

Read the full story and watch a video clip at APTN, where Edwards vows to continue the blockade.

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