Documentary Exposing CAR Blood Diamonds Debuts In NYC

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RAPAPORT… ”The Ambassador,” a documentary that exposes the corrupt world of Central African Republic ‎‎(CAR) officials, false businessmen and shady European and Asian diplomats that benefit from ‎the world of blood diamonds, was released in New York last week.

The Ambassador follows Danish journalist and provocateur Mads Brügger, who purchases a ‎Liberian ambassadorship on the black market and tries to show how easy it is to get a suitcase ‎full of blood diamonds out of the CAR by posing as a diplomat who teams up with a blood ‎diamond-mining kingpin.

‎“I want to show an Africa stripped of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Bono, child ‎soldiers and kids with bloated bellies, to show the kind of people you never see in the ‎documentaries: white businessmen and diplomats, the fat cats in the urban centers, all the ‎people who are in post-colonial Francafrique (French Africa) having a great time,” Brügger said. 

The film shows how Brügger, who enters the CAR as a rich white business man with diplomatic ‎credentials, becomes a respected member of corrupt CAR diplomatic society who can pursue ‎perks such as a reckless diamond hunt and power misuse. 

The Ambassador premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and is available on iTunes. The ‎documentary is showing at the IFC Center in New York City , the Cinefamily theater in Los ‎Angeles and at Alamo Drafthouse locations in Austin.‎ See the trailer here.

* Picture source: drafthousefilms photostream

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