DC-Diamascorp to Launch Fair Trade Certificate

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RAPAPORT… DC-Diamascorp Group of Companies will launch its fair trade certificate for rough and polished diamonds when it hosts its next tender in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Dusseldorf, Germany-based company explained that the certificates will provide buyers with full traceability of the diamond to assure that the stone was sourced ethically. DC-Diamascorp incorporated DC-Diamascorp Diamond Trading House (DC-DTH) to promote and sustain fair trade in the diamond market.

”The complete supply chain, from mining to marketing to the consumer, is conscious that the trade in conflict diamonds is a matter of serious international concern,” spokespersons for DC-Diamascorp said. ”Educating producers, beneficiaries and all parties involved to buy fair trade diamonds that are certified by the DCC fair trade certificate, will help prevent end consumers from fueling further conflicts, solicitation or human rights violations through their purchases.”

DC-DTH is hoping to procure more than 4,000 carats of rough diamonds, mainly from individual artisanal miners in South Africa, for its tender scheduled to take place on November 21. A second tender is scheduled for early December.

Christoffel Smit, chief executive of DC-Diamascorp’s Africa division, explained that the company requires artisanal miners to sign a declaration stating the source of the stone they are supplying, and this information is included on the certificate.

DC-Diamascorp has interests in cutting facilities in South Africa and Europe, buys and sells rough and polished, and is planning to hold monthly rough and polished tenders.

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