Violence Leaves Many Dead in Central African Republic

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RAPAPORT… Fierce fighting between rival groups in the Central African Republic has left 30 dead and many injured this past week as rebels attempt to take control of the diamond mines in Bria. An unnamed military source was quoted by News24 confirming that the army received reinforcements to quell the rebel fighting, but they had failed to reassure residents in the diamond-rich area.

AFP reported that the armed conflict recently escalated  between the Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP) and the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR).  News24 explained that the CPJP is comprised of the Rongas, while the UFDR represents the Goulas.

Central African Republic produced and exported approximately $49 million worth of rough diamonds in 2010, according to statistics provided by the Kimberley Process.

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