WDC Issues Statement on Zimbabwe Exports

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Press Release: As has been widely reported, Mathieu Yamba, chair of the Kimberley Process, recently issued a statement that defers discussion on unresolved issues to the Working Group on Monitoring, but in the meantime permits Zimbabwe to export rough diamond shipments from the two official concessions in the Marange region, subject to oversight by the appointed monitor.
The World Diamond Council understands that a number of Kimberley Process participant countries, including the United States, Canada, Israel and the European Union are seeking clarity on procedural issues surrounding this release and have indicated that exports should not be permitted until these issues have been explained and resolved.
While the World Diamond Council welcomes and applauds Yamba’s efforts to bring an end to the apparent impasse that currently exists regarding the status of production and stocks from Marange, the World Diamond Council advises members of the international diamond industry to refrain from trading in and exporting goods from the region until the situation and the status of these goods becomes clearer.
In the meantime, the World Diamond Council would like to assure all parties involved that it remains at their disposal to lend assistance and contribute to any initiative that will resolve outstanding issues, while protecting the credibility of the Kimberley Process.

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