Zimbabwe Court Lifts Charges Against Farai Maguwu

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RAPAPORT… Farai Maguwu, the director of Zimbabwe’s Centre for Research and Development, has been acquitted from charges that he presented confidential government documents to Kimberley Process monitor Abbey Chikane, ZimEye.org reported.

Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti on Thursday withdrew charges against Maguwu as the police accepted that they had no evidence against him.

“It is not easy to walk around with such charges hovering in your head. To me it’s over but the question is who is next,” Maguwu said after the acquittal. “We need to attend and address the root of the matter especially the persecution of human right defenders.”

Maguwu was detained for 39 days by the police for passing on the documents which reportedly described various human rights violations in the Marange diamond fields.

His lawyer, Trust Maanda, said he was happy that the police finally found that the case had no evidence.


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