Ingle & Rhode Advocates Ethical Diamond Mining

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RAPAPORT… Jewelry retailer Ingle & Rhode joined a growing number of companies speaking out against Zimbabwe’s diamond mining industry. In a statement released today, the London-based independent trader cited the ongoing battle between Zimbabwe and U.K.-based African Consolidated Resources (ACR) over diamond claims in the Marange area. ACR recently released a statement that all of the diamonds removed from their disputed claims should be considered “stolen.”

“That the Zimbabwean government is resorting to little more than bullying to encroach on the diamond fields of Marange is sadly, of little surprise and shows just how much work is needed to go into Africa’s diamond trade to make it legitimate and fair for all,” Tim Ingle commented in the company statement. “The industry will always have a black mark against its name with actions like these and it is up to independent traders, such as Ingle & Rhode, to promote the cause of ethical diamonds and jewelry.”

Ingle & Rhode also confirmed that the ethical jewelry it produces is done so using conflict-free diamonds and fair trade gold.


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