DiamondGeezer.com Bans Diamonds From Marange

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RAPAPORT…  DiamondGeezer.com implemented an immediate trading ban on diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields due to the severe human rights violations that are alleged to have occurred there. The U.K.-based online retailer cited reports from Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) that Zimbabwe’s diamond industry is out of control as the basis of its decision. 

“Severe human rights violations have taken place in the diamond fields of Marange, Zimbabwe and the DiamondGeezer.com board of directors has passed a resolution banning the trade or use of  any Marange diamonds,” the company statement announced.

Zimbabwe’s government expropriated diamond lands and companies without conducting due process and awarded them to President Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) supporters and the military, the company explained.

“It has used brute force to clear the diamond fields…murdering hundreds of people in the process,” the DiamondGeezer.com statement noted, quoting PAC. “Increasing military control in almost all of the diamond mines and over the ministry suggests that a new conflict scenario may be developing.”

Based on diamond export statistics, DiamondGeezer.com concluded that there was a 1.33-million carat shortfall between what Zimbabwe mined and what it exported. Thus, the general belief was that the missing amount had been smuggled out illegally.

“Simply ensure that the diamonds you buy this Christmas are purchased from a reputable, accreditated diamond jeweler, whether online or traditional, and be aware and question the source of any diamonds that seem to be too good to be true,” DiamondGeezer.com’s statement advised consumers.


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