Scientific Certification Systems Certifies Recycled Metals for Hoover & Strong

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RAPAPORT… Scientific Certification Systems certified the recycled metal content in Hoover & Strong’s Harmony Metals™ line of jewelry. While many jewelers claim to use earth-friendly materials in their products, Hoover & Strong was the first to seek third-party certification of its recycled metal content, according to Chet Chaffee, vice president of environmental programs at Scientific Certification Systems. “Hoover & Strong sources metal from many sources, using reclaimed jewelry as well as silverware, coins, electronics scrap, eyeglass frames, dental scrap and more,” Chaffee said.

The certification process requires a desk audit, an on-site audit of production facilities and, in some cases, lab testing, and it must be renewed annually. Torry Hoover, president of Hoover & Strong, said the certification not only reflected the company’s use of recycled precious metals, but showed that Hoover & Strong was committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Harmony Metals products uses recycled silver, gold, platinum and palladium, which are mixed with base metals such as copper and zinc in the alloy-making process. The certification shows the products have at least 88 percent recycled content. Hoover & Strong operates a zero-discharge state-of-the-art refinery plant in Richmond, Virginia.

Diamonds used in the Harmony line are mined, cut and polished in Canada. Gemstones “come from fair trade companies” that operate out of southern Africa or Australia, the company stated.



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