World Diamond Council Calls for Stronger Commitment to Kimberley Process

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RAPAPORT…  The World Diamond Council (WDC) has joined calls from nongovernmental organizations urging governments to strengthen their commitment to the Kimberley Process. “Having successfully dealt with problems in major conflict scenarios, it is now necessary that the Kimberley Process is provided with the continued support and additional resources it needs to robustly address the issue of the illegal smuggling of diamonds from several smaller diamond-producing and -trading countries,” according to a statement from the WDC.

The group called upon the Kimberley Process to take swift action when faced with cases of noncompliance and to agree on an interim suspension mechanism with clear criteria. It also urged stronger government oversight of the diamond industry, including spot checks of companies that are involved. The group further wants Kimberley Process standards, as well as the WDC system of warranties, to be applied to the cutting and polishing sector.


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