Government Pledges Funding for Diamond Mining in Zimbabwe

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RAPAPORT… Zimbabwe’s government is prepared to jump-start commercial diamond mining at the Chiadzwa fields by funding new mining equipment for  the state-run Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC).  Zimbabwe’s mining development minister, Obert Moses Mpofu, recently toured the diamond fields and was quoted in the nation’s Herald newspaper as stating that the funding would help expand operations at Chiadzwa.

“Government appreciates the security being offered by the security ministries to avoid further leakage of diamonds,” Mpofu was quoted as saying. He added that outside investment was welcome, but the government would take the lead in this case. Mpofu toured the diamond fields in preparation for a review of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, according to the Herald.

In a report prepared by Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) earlier this month, human right abuses at the hands of the nation’s military and diamond smuggling from Chiadzwa were causes for industry alarm. PAC urged the Kimberley Process to expel Zimbabwe and called for the United Nations (UN) Security Council to place an embargo on diamonds from Zimbabwe.


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