WFDB Urges Trade Fairs to Bolster Support for Loose Diamond Exhibitors

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Antwerp, February 9, 2009: Avi Paz, president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), has called upon international trade-fair organizers to better support the marketing efforts of firms that exhibit loose diamonds at their shows.

“Many diamond companies today consider trade fairs as an integral component of their marketing strategy,” Paz stated. “However, the global financial crisis has forced these diamond firms to cut back on expenditures, and that includes marketing budgets. In this business climate, it would serve both the trade shows and the diamond industry if the trade-show organizers would go the extra mile to assist diamond companies in getting maximum benefit.”

“Exhibiting at trade fairs demands significant financial investments. To continue doing so, our members will need to appreciate that these investments are justified. Therefore, we invite the trade fairs to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the diamond trade on how to maximize the benefits of participating in their shows. Subjects on the agenda would include the cost of participation, positions at the show and assistance in publicizing the participation of diamond companies,” the WFDB president said.

“I will say again that I am confident that the fundamentals of the diamond business are sound. However, all industry stakeholders and partners, including the trade shows, will need to make an extra effort to get us through this unprecedented period of difficulty,” Paz said.

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