Poster Discusses Diamonds, World Peace

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RAPAPORT… While the rest of us are working, the Internet boards are abuzz with, well, lets face it, some misinformation. Nonetheless, ignoring these posts doesn’t make the issues they invoke less relevant to those seeking information about the diamond industry. 

Yesterday on, someone posting under the ID of Colin Cote, opened a discussion pitch titled “Diamonds are not forever, Not if there is to be world peace, and a GREEN PLANET!”

The article has been flagged as hate speech, so who knows how long the URL will remain active.

The author closed his post with the following paragraph: “Also it is HIGH time that diamonds became no more popular than the furs of dead animals as an adornment. Whether they are ‘conflict’ diamonds or not. The money spent on them perpetuates this negative mindset among those in Israel who would never negotiate. As well that mining diamonds just to hoard them in vaults and artificially support their price violates U.S. laws. And mining diamonds destroys 250 tons of earth for every carat weight of diamond! This ludicracy [sic] has had three negative edges for too long!”

The author posted another comment to the thread with this remark: “Diamond mining is the biggest poluter [sic]  and contributor of funds to weapons and wars. Lets all SCORN DIAMONDS!”

Not everyone agreed with him on remarks about Jews and Israel, but then poster Kelly K. wrote: “I had no idea about the diamond trade until watching the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ after that, I don’t ever want one again…” Poster Mary B. agreed.

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