Danforth Diamond Taps into Eco-friendly Jewelry Demand

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RAPAPORT… Danforth Diamond partnered with jewelry manufacturer Hoover & Strong to produce eco-friendly jewelry made with 100 percent recycled precious metals. Approximately 90 percent of the products on the danforthdiamond.com website carry the Harmony Recycled Precious Metals designation.

The company stated that customers on the company’s blog were asking about recycled metal jewelry options. “The timing of those requests was uncanny and they confirmed a need for eco-friendly jewelry that wasn’t being met,” said Jill Renee, president of Danforth Diamond.

With the slogan “Our jewelry is refined – not mined” Danforth Diamond emphasizes that while mining displaces earth and upsets the ecosystem of the area being mined, refining precious metals uses far fewer resources and has a lesser impact on the environment.

“There is no difference between recycled metal and newly mined metal,” said Renee. “Both offer the same quality, durability, and shine. I believe this isn’t a trend; it’s the new way of doing business. There is no reason why all jewelry can’t be made from recycled material.”

Harmony Recycled Precious Metals takes unwanted or damaged jewelry, shavings, and metal lost during the jewelry manufacture and crafting processes and reuses it for new jewelry.

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