CIBJO Creates Foundation for CSR Educational Program

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RAPAPORT…  Dubai: CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, has wrapped up its annual congress at the Grosvenor House hotel and convention center in Dubai, with a decision by its Assembly of Delegates to create a foundation that will be responsible for financing and administering the worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) education program that CIBJO will organize for the jewellery industry together with the United Nations.

The foundation will function as an independent entity, explained CIBJO president Gaetano Cavalieri. “While the foundation will be created by CIBJO, this is project that is being advanced for the benefit of the entire jewellery industry.”

On Monday, during the first day of the CIBJO Congress in Dubai, a team of CSR experts from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and China outlined for participants the basic elements of an industry-wide training program, which will be designed for the various sectors of the greater jewellery industry, including training modules that will serve as the basic material for educational workshops. The plan also calls for the creation of a Centre of Excellence, located within an existing academic institution, which will generate and coordinate CSR training activities for the international jewellery industry.

A highlight of the three-day congress was the acceptance for the first time of a Blue Book of industry standards for the precious metals sector. The Precious Metals Blue Book includes standards for precious metals alloys, finenesses, weights, colors, tolerances, solders, coatings/platings and marking. It joins the CIBJO Blue Books for diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls, all of which are considered the definitive sets of standards in their own fields in jewellery industry.

Another highlight was the presentation by the Marketing and Education Committee of a draft copy of “The Retailer’s Guide to Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls and Precious Metals,” which was produced in collaboration with all CIBJO commissions. The Guide, which was submitted in draft form to the CIBJO membership for final comments and is due to be released in June, is designed to provide the staff of retail jewellery stores practical knowledge about diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls and precious metals, including guidelines for proper business practices.

CIBJO’s Coloured Stone Commission agreed to study the creation of an internationally recognised code meant to clearly to disclose modifications to gemstones. A draft proposal will be presented to the commission at the next CIBJO Congress.

The CIBJO Assembly of Delegates unanimously elected Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri to an additional term as CIBJO president.

The full complement of CIBJO office holders is as follows:

Gaetano Cavalieri, President
Richard Peplow, Vice President
Marc Alain Christen, Treasurer
Ernest Blom
Jonathan Kendall
John Hall
Cecilia Gardner
Matt Runci
Anna Martin
Eli Izhakoff, Honorary President

Uri Ariel (President Sector 1)
Ernesto Hausmann ((President Sector 2)/Gerard Atlan (deputy)
Roland Naftule (President Sector 3)
Alfred Schneider
James Courage
President: Uri Ariel
Vice President: Bernadette Pinet-Cuoq
Vice President: Aaron Shum
Vice President: Shishir Nevatha
President: Ernesto Hausmann
Vice President: Gerard Atlan
Vice President: Richard Peplow
President: Roland Naftule
Vice President: Thomas Lind
Vice President: Vasant Mehta

President: Vichian Veerasaksri
Vice President: Nilam Alawdeen
Vice President: Emmanuel Piat

President: Udi Sheintal
Vice President: Jon Phillips
Vice President: Yang Li Xin

President: Martin Coeroli
Vice President: Shigheru Akamatsu
Vice President: Gaiti Rabbani

President: Margherita Superchi
Vice President: Ken Scarratt
Vice President: Hanco Zwaan

President: Jonathan Kendall
Vice President: Tawhid Abdullah

President: Matt Runci
Vice President: Cecilia Gardner
Vice President: Alfred Schneider

President: Michael Allchin
Vice President: James Courage
Vice President: Phillip Olden
Vice President: Gianni Cacchione

President: Héja Garcia-Guillerminet
Vice President: Jean-Pierre Chalain




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