Witness Says He Delivered Diamonds to Taylor

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RAPAPORT… ZigZag (Joseph Marzah) told the Charles Taylor war crimes court at The Hague that as a matter of practice, he would take weapons from Taylor’s presidential palace in Liberia to Sierra Leone and return with diamonds — which he gave Taylor personally.

Marzah, 49, is a key witness in the case which ties Taylor to using diamonds for arms during Sierra Leone’s brutal war. Taylor has pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of war crimes.

Taylor’s defense attorney challenged Marzah’s claims however by suggesting the witness only came forward in order to avoid prosecution.

Marzah testified for two days this week at The Hague. He also detailed direct orders from Taylor on how to chop-up and cook human victims. “We slit your throat, butcher you …throw away the head, take the flesh and put it in a pot. Charles Taylor knows that,” Marzah said.

“Did Charles Taylor order you to eat people?” the defense asked.

“Yes, to set an example for the people to be afraid,” Marzah said.


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