Zimbabwe: Pres. Candidate Vows to Restore Law Across Diamond Sector

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RAPAPORT… Zimbabwe plans a presidential poll on March 29, and one candidate vows to restore “the rule of law” across the diamond, gold, and platinum sectors.

Independent candidate Simba Makoni is calling for a presidential race that is a “contest of ideas” meant to bring Zimbabwe out of its economic crisis.

Makoni parted ways with the current ruling party (ZANU-PF,) which President Robert Mugabe chairs, after it was rumored the ZANU-PF was using fire bombs and other forms of violence against anyone attempting to unseat Mugabe.

Makoni launched his campaign in Harare calling for “no more fists, stones, or knives.”

“No-one is worth dying for,” he said.

If elected president, Makoni vows to rebuild the nation. “The National Authority will represent all the stakeholders. It will roll the country out of the crisis.” He contended the nation is ruled by fear, riddled with stress and tension, and economic poverty and decline.

“[There is] failure in policy-making and implementation, resulting in stillborn attempts to turn around the economy,” he told a press conference. He vows to re-define the role of the central bank and its relationship with the state.

Makoni affirmed the necessity for land reform, but says he intends to ensure transparent and equitable processes of land reform.


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