UN: No Confirmed Case of Diamond Smuggling

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RAPAPORT… During a briefing held at the Security Council on December 13, the UN Panel of Experts for Liberia reported that there was no confirmed case of diamond smuggling into the country.

The Panel reiterated their warning to Liberia that its government must make sure rough diamonds from Cote d’Ivoire don’t pass through its porous borders and enter its legitimate trade.

Regarding specific individuals however, the Panel found that Liberia had not made any progress towards freezing the assets of any individual designated in resolution 1532 (from December 2004.)

The asset freeze involved former President Charles Taylor, his immediate family members, in particular Jewell Howard Taylor and Charles Taylor Jr., senior officials of the former Taylor regime, and other close allies or associates. In December 2004, the Security Council ruled that Liberia “shall freeze without delay all such funds, other financial assets and economic resources, and shall ensure that neither these nor any other funds, other financial assets or economic resources are made available, by their nationals or by any persons within their territory, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of such persons.”

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