Sierra Leone: Cream Minerals to Resume Sewa Sampling After Peaceful Elections

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RAPAPORT…Vancouver-based junior miner Cream Minerals is preparing to continue exploration in Sierra Leone, following the peaceful conclusion of national elections.

In a press release dated October 15, 2007, the company announced that it has been shipping and preparing additional washing plants on its Sewa River license. Previous bulk sampling in early 2007 confirmed the presence of diamonds in the river channel.

Applications have been applied for small-scale mining licenses to continue testing on the riverbed along an area containing what is believed to be the heaviest concentration of gold and alluvial diamonds along three adjacent dikes. The proposed venture with the Sierra Leone government would give the miner a 70 percent interest in any potential findings.

While the peaceful elections have commenced without incident, with only 2.45 percent of votes cast considered invalid and a voter turnout of 68 percent, the company is still waiting until January 2008 to begin the proposed Sewa project. Higher than usual water levels from the region’s rainy season has made exploration along the river difficult for sampling. By waiting until the waters recede during the coming dry season, Cream Minerals expects better access to the riverbed gravels.

Cream Minerals was founded in 1966, with a primary focus on exploration of precious metals in Mexico and Canada’s provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba. The company began exploring for alluvial deposits in Sierra Leone in 2005.

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