Rapaport To Deliver Keynote Speeches in Miami and Chicago

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October 12, 2007, New York— Martin Rapaport, chairman of the Rapaport Group, will present at a number of events during October  addressing topics of Fair Trade Jewelry, diamonds and commoditization, and the state of the diamond industry.

Rapaport will present a keynote address at the upcoming Miami JIS Jewelry Show, Sunday Oct. 21, 7:00 pm at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The presentation coordinated with the Watch Dealers Network and sponsored by the show organizers will discuss the role of internet trading networks for diamonds and watches, the commoditization of the diamonds and efforts to establish a Fair Trade Jewelry products. Email conference@diamonds.net or call +1-702-893-9400 for tickets.

Another important Keynote presentation will take place at the Woman’s Jewelry Association Business Conference in Chicago on Friday Oct. 19, at 9:00 am. The presentation will include a State of the Diamond Industry address as well as discussion about Fair Trade Jewelry and diamond futures contracts. Contact Myriam Tashey +1-312-920-1541, myriam@propgem.com.

Martin Rapaport will also present at two additional conferences. The topic at the Antwerp Diamond Conference, Monday Oct.15 at 4:15 pm will be African Beneficiation, Diamonds and Sustainable Development.  Rapaport will also be discussing and promoting the idea of Fair Trade Jewelry at the Madison Dialogue Ethical Jewelry Summit in Washington DC, Thursday Oct. 25 at 10:30 am. Email fairtrade@diamonds.net for additional information.

For additional information about this press release, please email press@diamonds.net.

About the Rapaport Group: The Rapaport Group is an international network of companies providing added value services that support the development of free, fair and competitive global diamond markets. Established in 1978, the Rapaport Diamond Report is the primary source of diamond prices and market information. Group activities include publishing, research and marketing services, internet information and diamond trading networks, global rough and polished diamond tenders, diamond certification, quality-control, compliance, shipping, and financial services. Major activities of the group include the development of markets for Fair Trade Diamonds and Jewelry as well as the creation of diamond futures markets. Additional information is available at



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