Turkey Becomes KP Participant No.47

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RAPAPORT… The Kimberley Process accepted Turkey as a member bringing the number of participants to 47 representing 73 countries, the KP announced on its website. The European Community is counted as one participant on behalf of its 26 member states.

Turkey’s membership took effect on August 14 and follows efforts by the Turkish Treasury and the Istanbul Gold Exchange (IAB) to curb the flow of illicit diamonds into the country. Turkey initially applied to be a KP member on May 31, 2003, Turkish Daily News reported.

“Rough diamonds could enter Turkey very easily through illicit ways,” Ramazan Santo, İAB presidency consultant told Turkish Daily News. “One would not recognize rough diamonds on sight. Conflict diamonds could enter Turkey easily even in matchboxes. However, thanks to the Kimberley Process Certificate, the entrance of conflict diamonds to Turkey is forbidden now.”

Turkish Daily News reported that rough diamond imports and exports through Turkey would be monitored by the IAB.

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