Sierra Leone: Three Men Await Sentencing for War Crimes

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RAPAPORT… After a Sierra Leone court found three guilty on 11 of 14 counts of war crimes in June, prosecutors asked the court for a combined 170 years jail time for Alex Tamba Brima,  Brima Bazzy Kamara, and Santigie Borbor Kanu on July 16, 2007.

Deputy prosecutor Christopher Staker argued that since the three didn’t accept responsibility for the war crimes, and hadn’t cooperated with investigators that the sentence fit the crime.

The men’s defense lawyer Kojo Graham suggested the court take into account the need for reconciliation.

The court is to decide sentencing on July 19.

The three men are reported to have been supported by Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, who is awaiting his own trial at the Special Court for Sierra Leone currently residing at The Hague. Taylor’s trial is expected to begin August 20, 2007, after two false starts.


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