KP Publishes Diamond Trade Figures

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RAPAPORT… In an attempt to boost transparency in the diamond industry, the Kimberley Process has for the first time published Kimberley participants’ figures on rough diamond production and trade data.

“This is a welcome advance in the KP, demonstrating participant countries’ willingness to open up statistics for scrutiny and analysis, helping to ensure that there is no room for any conflict diamonds in the legitimate KP certified diamond trade,” said Kimberley Process chairman Karel Kovanda, who took over the chair on January 1, 2007.

“One of our priorities as chair is to enhance the accuracy and transparency of Kimberley Process statistics. We are proud of what the Kimberley Process has achieved, bringing together governments, industry and civil society in a partnership which has ensured that the vast majority of diamond production is now conflict-free and are committed to delivering further improvements in the areas identified by members last year.”

Statistical data of trade and production, by value and volume, and Kimberley certificate counts for 2004 and 2005 are available, while 2006 data will be made available later in 2007.

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