Blood Diamond Action Website Launches

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RAPAPORT…  A website sponsored by Global Witness, Warner Bros.’ Blood Diamond movie, and Amnesty International went live this day as The website populated across blogs quickly in the hours that followed the launch. The website marks at least the second such launch (not including conflict diamond blogs) following the World Diamond Council’s Diamonds for Africa Fund launched All three websites address issues related to the soon-to-be released film Blood Diamond.

The Blood Diamond Action website, as it is called, offers consumer downloads, the Blood Diamond movie trailer, and brief factoids on conflict diamonds. The website’s donation link takes users to the Amnesty International contribution page where it tells readers their donation will help raise awareness and prevent diamonds from fueling conflict, human rights abuses, and terrorism.

Side links take readers to Partnership Africa Canada, the Kimberley Process, and the World Diamond Council. The main links hit Amnesty International USA, Global Witness, and the Blood Diamond movies’ homepage.

The website’s designer blog reported that the “website publicizes the issues surrounding the film Blood Diamond that stars Leonardo Di Caprio amongst others. [In] working again with Provokateur, the site is backed by Amnesty International USA and Global Witness.”

The designer explained to his readers that in preparation for an onslaught of traffic the design incorporated’s  Amazon’s S3 web services.

Blood Diamond is scheduled for release in the United States on December 8, 2006, and in Europe after January 1, 2007.

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