Diamond Pendant Marks Dream of ‘Total Peace’

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Online diamond retailer whiteflash.com along with the World Centers of Compassion for Children International (WCCCI) launched an initiative in Denver, Colorado, in which 100 percent of proceeds from conflict-free diamond pendant go to WCCCI.

The $4,400 Dreams of Africa(TM) diamond pendant will only be available from whiteflash.com

“Our Dreams of Africa are not for partial peace. They are for total peace,” said Debi Wexler, CEO of whiteflash.com. Wexler along with WCCCI’s founder Betty Williams are jointly working towards building safe and nurturing environments for children “who need a second chance in life. If we start teaching peace at the beginning of these young children’s education, we will help these children to shine like brilliant diamonds for the world.”

Specifically, the partners will focus upon helping children who have suffered from conflicts in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and other countries in Africa.

“We need consumers to understand that there is a huge difference between blood diamonds and conflict-free diamonds,” said Wexler. “Not all diamonds are ill-gotten. When diamond mining is undertaken in the correct manner, without child labor or government conflict, the profits build infrastructure and serve as a source of livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people. As a socially responsible design company in the diamond industry, we believe it is our duty to support children who have suffered under blood diamond conflicts and to create awareness in order to combat such illicit diamond trade.”

Wexler and Nobel Laureate Williams joined  the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak out against global conflicts and increased military spending at the expense of human health and welfare.

Whiteflash.com and WCCCI will work to establish the first learning center, headquartered in Italy, which will provide  scholarships for children from Sierra Leone and other locations across Africa, and to instill values of peace and understanding during these children’s early education. Italy’s government donated land to build the learning center.

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