Consumer Returns Diamond Ring, Sets-up Aid Org.

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(Rapaport…June 23, 2006) A new not-for-profit organization, Diamonds For Africa, was formed to offer aid to victims of the diamond trade. The organization accepts consumers’ diamond jewelry (and/or cash donations.)

As the story goes, consumer Corey Frayer proposed to his fiancée with a diamond ring. But Frayer said he discovered a hidden legacy of poverty and suffering surrounding the diamond trade in Africa. “Knowing the history of the diamond, my fiancée and I didn’t want it to stand as a symbol of our love,” said Frayer.

“We decided to donate it,” he said.

Frayer contacted Brilliant Earth, a jewelry retailer which sells diamonds from Canada, and through their conversations with the human rights group The Indigenous Land Rights Fund (ILRF,) the non-profit Diamonds For Africa was born.

Frayer hopes his donation will launch a national effort to rectify past injustices of the diamond trade by benefiting threatened local communities in Africa. “Part of being a responsible citizen is living your life so that you’re contributing to the world and not just taking,” says Frayer. “We wanted to do something for the people who have suffered for that diamond.”

Diamonds For Africa, based in Austin, Texas, accepts previously worn diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth, which is based in San Francisco, California, donates 5 percent of their profits to Diamonds For Africa.

All diamonds turned in will be auctioned off in October 2006, the organizations reported.

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