Do Customers Ask Associates About Conflict Diamonds?

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(Rapaport…February 24, 2006) Diamond retailers and manufacturers in the United States have a new tool to educate employees on the diamond trade’s Kimberley Process. USKPA (the Kimberly Process Authority in the states) along with the World Diamond Council produced an educational poster, which explains the Kimberley Process and the Voluntary System of Warranties. It is available online and is for trade use only.

Mark Gershburg (Lft,) Martin Hochbaum, Cecilia Gardner (Rt.)

The poster was introduced at the Kimberley Process annual plenary meeting in Moscow, where it “was very well received by all international delegations and the attending NGOs,” said Cecilia Gardner, general counsel of the World Diamond Council and president of the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee.

Industry professionals may download the poster at the following addresses:

The USKPA, along with the federal government, is responsible for oversight of trade compliance with the Kimberley Process in regard to the export of diamond rough from the United States. USKPA chairman is Dr. Martin Hochbaum of the New York Diamond Dealers Club; director general council, Gardner, and director and secretary Mark Gershburg of Gemological Science International.

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