Namdeb Links Six Employees with Diamond Trafficking

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(Rapaport…November 9, 2005) Two senior employees of the Namdeb management

team at Pocket Beaches Mine have been arrested for allegedly trafficking diamonds, reported The Namibian newspaper on November 9.

Three other employees were also arrested for involvement in the diamond sydicate. A sixth suspect, who has reportedly deserted his position from the company, is being sought for questioning.

Namdeb’s managing director, Inge Zaamwani, said the case is disheartening, considering “that some of the individuals involved are part of the mine’s management.”

Namdeb’s general manager, Rob Smart, said that the case is a “grim reminder” of the extent that diamond syndicates are willing to go.

The suspects, who were not named, have been suspended from their positions pending further investigation and court appearances. The value, amount, and location of diamonds have yet to be revealed.

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