S. Africa Miner Seeks Industry Governance Model

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(Rapaport…September 20, 2005) The Kimberley Process is a good example of how the whole mining industry could adopt measures to protect the environment and prevent corruption, said Bridgette Radebe, president of South Africa Mining Development Association.

Radebe is seeking industry governance and to enlist support of mining companies, the World Bank, and governments to adopt similar measures to the Kimberley Process, which would go beyond the diamond industry.

In coming months, Radebe, plans to set up a working committee to develop an initiative. Lindiwe Hendricks, South Africa’s mining minister, told Reuters that the approach looked positive and the government would review the practical aspects before making a decision.

Hendricks praised the Kimberley Process for renewing legitimacy of South Africa’s diamonds overseas, but said that activities continue in the diamond industry, which undermine political stability more so than other natural resources.

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