Simmons, Fabrikant PSP Case to Profit Africa

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(Rapaport…September 2, 2005) A new venture between M. Fabrikant & Sons and The Simmons Jewelry Company will produce $35,000 cases for the Sony PSP (portable gaming system) in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Hip-hop artist Russel Simmons and his wife Kimora collaborated with Fabrikant to create the case made of 1 pound of gold, alligator skin, and yellow and black diamonds. Simmons says a portion of the profits from the case will be donated to Africa.

Simmons told that he is pushing for factories and schools across Africa to learn how to make their own jewelry for export. He also said he would like to negotiate a deal with De Beers as well.

Diamonds sold by The Simmons Jewelry Company are conflict free.

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