JA Checklist to Self-assess KP Compliance

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(Rapaport…July 20, 2005) Do you meet your responsibilities under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme? Jewelers of America (JA) developed a self-assessment checklist to help members meet their responsibilities as well as the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

This self-assessment tool, which is available in the members only section of www.jewelers.org, is designed to help JA members evaluate knowledge, policies, and practices regarding conflict diamonds. The checklist serves as a reminder of what policies a JA retail jeweler should have in place and as a self-appraisal of how effectively they are carrying out those policies.

“The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the WDC System of Warranties helped stem the flow of conflict diamonds,” said JA president Matthew Runci.

“They also presented the jewelry industry –including retailers– with important new responsibilities. JA’s self-assessment checklist will help our members make sure they are carrying out those responsibilities,” he said.

A summary of the conflict diamonds issue and a set of talking points for use with consumers, media, and advocacy groups are also available on the website. JA members who are unfamiliar with the issue can read the summary and talking points prior to using the checklist in order to properly acquaint themselves with the subject matter.

“I strongly encourage JA members and their staffs to visit the members section of www.jewelers.org and utilize these tools,” said Runci.

Non-members may call JA at 800.223.0673 for membership information.

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