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Chair’s Notice

Updated Kimberley Process Participants List

October 31, 2003

The following list represents the culmination of months of hard work by states, regional economic integration organizations, the Participation Committee and the Kimberley Process Interim Secretariat.

States and regional economic integration organizations who have met the minimum requirements of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme are:

1. Angola

2. Armenia

3. Australia

4. Belarus

5. Botswana

6. Brazil

7. Bulgaria

8. Canada

9. Central African Republic

10. China, People’s Republic of

11. Congo, Democratic Republic of

12. Congo, Republic of

13. Cote D’ Ivoire

14. Croatia

15. European Community

16. Guinea

17. Guyana

18. Hungary

19. India

20. Israel

21. Japan

22. Korea, Republic of

23. Laos, People’s Republic of

24. Lebanon

25. Lesotho

26. Malaysia

27. Mauritius

28. Namibia

29. Poland

30. Romania

31. Russian Federation

32. Sierra Leone

33. Slovenia

34. South Africa

35. Sri Lanka

36. Switzerland

37. Tanzania

38. Thailand

39. Togo

40. Ukraine

41. United Arab Emirates

42. United States of America

43. Venezuela

44. Vietnam

45. Zimbabwe

NOTE: The rough diamond-trading entity of the Chinese Taipei has also met the minimum requirements of the KPCS.

New Participants are reminded that the legislative procedures of some Participants dictate that some time is needed to amend their respective legislations in accordance with this revised list. Participants have until 30 November 2003 to amend their respective legislation in accordance with this list of 31 October 2003.

States and regional economic integration organizations who have yet to meet the minimum requirements of the KPCS, are encouraged to continue with their efforts to become Kimberley Process Participants. The Participation Committee will continue to receive and assess documentation submitted to the Secretariat. Submissions that are deemed to be compliant with the minimum requirements of the KPCS will be approved without delay; and those successful applicants will be welcomed as Participants of the Kimberley Process.

Those states and regional economic integration organizations who have recently submitted notices of intent to become Kimberley Process Participants, are also encouraged to submit documentation complying with Section II, Section III, Section V (a), and Section VI (8,9). These submissions will be reviewed and assessed by the Participation Committee and successful Applicants will be welcomed as Participants in the Kimberley Process.

I would like to thank the members of the Participation Committee for their tireless efforts in assisting the outgoing Chair with finalizing the list of Kimberley Process Participants. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the representatives involved with the Kimberley Process, either as Applicants, Observers, or Participants, for their continued resolve to stop the trade in conflict diamonds. Canada is looking forward to our tenure as Chair and we hope to build on the great successes that the Kimberley Process has achieved under the guidance of Abbey Chikane and South Africa.

Any inquiries regarding this notice or other matters pertaining to the Kimberley Process are welcomed by the Chair and Interim Secretariat. Please note that Kimberley Process Secretariat in South Africa will commence the handing over process to Canada but will remain available for all administrative matter until December 31, 2003.

Yours Sincerely,

Tim Martin

Chair, Kimberley Process

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