IDMA Reaffirms Commitment to KP

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At a meeting of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) the Presidents of the member organizations discussed and debated the current progress of the Kimberley Process at great length. The Presidents’ unanimously affirmed their continued commitment to the Kimberley Process and all of the principles contained therein. The Presidents further reaffirmed their commitment to the self-imposed system of warranties under Kimberley and will insure that these warranties are understood and adhered to by all members. Furthermore, in consultation with WDC Chairman Eli Izhakoff, the Presidents expressed their appreciation for the work done by the WDC and recognized that Kimberley is an ongoing process requiring ongoing support and participation from the industry. Toward that end, the Presidents unanimously resolved that the mandate of the World Diamond Council, an organization formed specifically to address the issue of conflict diamonds shall be extended for an additional year. IDMA looks forward to working with the WFDB to insure that the WDC’s work is communicated consistently to all members and that it is operated in a formalized manner.

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