Golley Resigns as RUF Spokesman and Chairman

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(Rapaport…November 19, 2001) Omrie Golley, former spokesman and chairman for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels and head of the RUF’s new political wing, announced on November 19 that he is resigning. Golley said he will continue to support policies of reconciliation and assist with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Sierra Leone, but that he will not do so as part of the RUF. Despite rumors that Golley’s relations with the RUF have been turbulent, the former spokesman said he was leaving his post on good terms.

“My decision to leave the RUF is amicable, and I stand ready to offer advice and to support the RUF in their efforts to consolidate the peace process,” Golley said in a statement.

Golley also announced the formation of his National Reconstruction Foundation, which will help support reconciliation and reintegration in Sierra Leone.

Although he has in the past made clear his aspirations to someday become president of Sierra Leone, Golley said he will not run in next year’s elections and refused to commit himself to supporting the RUF’s political party.

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